About Me

Kerrey Owens

Kerry is a dedicated spiritual development teacher, healer, mentor, holistic wellbeing facilitator.  She is a certified Usui Shiri Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Diploma in Tarot Reading.

 Kerry has made a life choice to heal & teach, along with conducting workshops, & giving guidance to those on/or beginning their spiritual journey. 

Kerry’s Achievements to date:

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher                  Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioner          Crystal Healer

 Kerry’s core passion is teaching & practicing the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki lineage! Inspiring her students and clients to Explore their life path, Imagine the possibilities and build Belief in themselves.  In doing so, her intention is to guide them to reclaim their Personal Power and fill their futures with Peace, Purpose & Passion and in doing so contribute towards raising the vibration of this planet. Through doing this, she believes that we will then raise the next generation with love and compassion in their hearts.

 Kerry shares her life with partner Ricky and their 3 Maremma sheepdogs, chooks, lots of wild birds and kangaroos.

She has 2 beautiful children, Brodie and Temika and 1 Grandson Jett, with another on the way.

 At 53, she feels she has now reached the stage in her life where she is meant to be, and she knows that she is finally doing what she was meant to do.

As a single parent of two children, raising them became my passion. Providing them with a good life was her greatest joy for many years.

For her, Crystals, alternative therapies and clairvoyance had always been an interest from a young age but the stresses of life kept taking her off path, but always returning intermittently, she is now pleased to be living her dream of being a healer.

She has been blessed to enjoy a variety of careers and interests along her life journey, including hairdressing, real estate, and bodybuilding. She also worked as a personal fitness trainer and sales rep. 

She is now a proud business owner, Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Master Practitioner and Crystal Healer.

 ‘Life’s highs and lows led me to where I stand right now, and I am extremely passionate & excited to share my knowledge & teachings with others.’