Crystal and Energy Workshop

Want to know more about crystals and energy? And learn more about how to better use them for their positive energetic influence? This workshop will give you a clearer understanding of how crystals can aid in better wellbeing and how they can create a more harmonious vibe at home and work. You will receive a workbook and 6 crystal tumbles on arrival along with my instruction where to place them around your space for maximum benefit. 

We will start off with a guided meditation

We will cover 

~ vibrations

~cleansing the crystals

~ gridding your space for protection

~ crystal placement at home/work

~ protecting self from outside energies 

~ smudging

~ releasing negative energy

~ at the end I’ll open it up to questions from you


I will supply tea & coffee and some home baked treats for refreshments


Investment ~ $75

Date ~ 31st August 

Time ~ 10am - 1pm

Secure your spot with a $25 deposit, balance to be paid on day.  ( you can pay in instalments if it suits your budget better)

It’s a great opportunity to come and connect, spend a few hours with like minded people and maybe make a new friend or 2! 


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